The pricing of quality websites are costly start at $4,000 and the quality of work may be inadequate. To see customers being misled bothers us, and we can help to improve web designers’ reputations.

Our custom websites start at $995

Services available:

  • New and Re-Design Custom Websites
  • Video in Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design (mobile site a great extension to do business)
  • E-commerce Platform
  • 1 Page Website
  • Content Management (set up password access for clients to edit their sites)
  • Selective background identifies the uniqueness of your product or service
  • SEO, Social Media, Animation, Easy to use Navigational Pages, and more…

    We offer highly developed websites that the business owner or designated person can easily edit, no web developer needed (saves the client time and money). Your edits can be done daily, monthly, or whenever you wish to make changes.

    We also offer SSL Certificate – this is to secure website transactions and data, in addition, other tools are available to limit hackers from taking control and injecting malicious code (malware) to your site.

    Our low price guarantee for small businesses are flat rates, the cost of hourly fees would be much more expensive for our clients.

    It’s all Professional; On-Time and On-Budget. We are friendly to work with, and provide ONGOING SUPPORT in a timely manner via phone or email before and after your website is launched.
  • Statistics:

    ServicesMobile (smartphones and tablets) internet search has grown 500% in the past two years.

    52% of all local searches are done on mobile devices.

    According to Google, mobile internet use will surpass desktop use. The world is “going mobile”.

    The sharp increase in mobile usage signals a significant shift in how users consume content online.

    You cannot ignore your mobile website, indeed for most businesses it is a must have.

    Take advantage of this mobile trend and let BULL ON CLICKS build a mobile version of your website.

    As a socially responsible business, our goal is to give back and help others, be part of community values; and for this purpose we offer quality websites at affordable prices.                                                

    “One’s achievement builds many achievements for success”